September 18, 2010

Tutorial: Using a Different Font on Your Blog

Here are some extra fonts that I've put together for you that are different that the ones blogger offers. Just install these fonts the same way you would install a background:
  1. Copy the code (right click in the box and hit "copy")
  2. Sign into blogger and click on "design"
  3. This should take you to your "Page Elements" screen.
  4. Click on "add a gadget" and then chose "HTML/JavaScript.
  5. Paste (right click, then "paste") your code into the "content" box (you can leave the title blank).
  6. Hit "Save" and you're done!


MS Sans Serif:

Book Antiqua:

Century Gothic:

Monotype Corsiva:


**Just note that if you don't have that particular font installed on your computer you will just see the default blogger font. To add ANY font to your Post and Sidebar titles check out THIS tutorial by Amanda! She is awesome! Happy blogging!

♥Missy :)


Olive Cooper said...

Missy, this is wonderful. Thanks bunches♥

✩Molly✩ said...


Olive Cooper said...

Missy, I just changed my font to MS Sans Serif. It looks great. Thanks again. ♥O

Kristen Maier said...

Thank you so much for this. I was wondering if there was a way to just make the post font different... Without the Amanda and Kevin way??? I tried to select different items, but I either have all links (including title) or nothing :( if not, it's fine, I was just wondering.


Kristen Maier said...

Thank you. I took the cursive font to put it on my blog. I really love your elements!


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

thx MUCH for this info !!