December 16, 2012


Hello Friends!
 I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported this website and used my designs on their blog. You've probably noticed I haven't had a lot of new backgrounds posted for a while. With my recent move, new baby, new home, changes in Bloggers design, and changes in Photobucket, it has been difficult to find time to post new backgrounds. This has been a fun hobby for me and I have really enjoyed making these free backgrounds, and I hope to be back at it again!

I have a request for those of you who follow my blog. I have a good friend who needs a little help publishing his book. He has been very supportive of me and helped me a lot with my Lily Puff website. Now he needs our help. He has written a wonderful children's book and it is ready for print...he just needs a little boost to make it happen! Please visit his kickstarter page and take a look around. I would really like to see his book get published! Let's help him out! 

Thank you for your support!